[MISSION REPORT] ToyCon 2015 in Manila

Posted on Jul 5, 2015 |

Date: June 19-21, 2015

Venue/Location: SM Megamall Megatrade Hall

Host unit: Philippine Garrison

Guest units/groups: Rebel Legion (Bagong Pag-Asa Outpost), FightSaber Philippines, Jager Clan, Philippine R2 Builders Club

Number of characters: 18 (TB-1870, TK-1330, TK-43210, SL-8880, TC-4115, CC-24559, TK-4564, TC-8358, TI-77877, TK-12341, TC-3225, TC-41115, TK-83174, CT-3448, TB-50123, TK-69369, TK-8876, SL-21976)

Description of event: ToyCon is one of the biggest toy and collectible conventions in the Philippines. It is the 10th year that the 501st Legion has been attending this con. The 501st Legion booth was a hit as usual, with new Star Wars characters like a Slave Leia and a few Mandalorian mercenaries joining the troopers at the photo booth. One of the highlights this year was a Star Wars-flavored stage performance by the troopers complete with skits and lightsaber choreography.



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