The 501st Legion worldwide donates to helping those who cannot help themselves. We prioritize children’s charities.

We are a non-stock, not-for-profit volunteer organization. Please note that we are not mascots you can rent out but working professionals whose hobby happens to be wearing movie-quality, screen-accurate Star Wars costumes in order to raise funds for charity.

We may not be able to join every event we’re invited to because of our real jobs (we have doctors, engineers, marketers, writers, full time husbands/wives, artists, BPO professionals, IT professionals, government workers, etc.) but when we do, rest assured that the sacrifice is real (transportation/meal costs, vacation leaves at work, family events postponed, etc.) and it’s all for charity.

Some of the institutions we have donated to are:

If you are a charitable organization and you’re interested to partner with us, please send us a note via the Philippine Garrison Facebook page.