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Member since 2014
Costumes: TC – Clone Trooper: AOTC: Lieutenant

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
I have plenty of characters to choose from my roster. but to point out what i love the most, it is the Null ARC Troopers. because of the reason that they are different from the other clones, they are the elites that can be ranked next to Jango himself.

Can you give us a background on your costume like how did you decide on it and how was it like to build the costume?
It just started when i was fed up with lightsabers (still i don’t have one in my arsenal) I was searching for a prop to built and came across the DC-15 of clones. which i fell in-love with. and while searching for these. i came across a tutorial in modding a hasbro helmet in one fine prop helmet. I made my own helmet. molded it,casted it and thought, hey i have a helmet, why not buy the armor to pair it with. Then the painstaking build process took me around 1 – 2 years to finish. Due to far proximity with other legion members, i had a rough time building it on my own.It took many trials and mistakes. It’s simply not that easy. but with patience, I finished my very first armor.

What was your first troop like?
My first troop was star wars reads day. It was a hard work wearing the armor for 3 and a half hours, and having your picture taken while preventing myself from coughing (i was sick that day). It was really hard, and at the end of the day, the muscle pains are terrible which prevented me from even raising a hand and gave me a hard time carrying my luggage going home to Pampanga. so i salute these guys for doing this always. it’s not an easy thing.

What is your dream Star Wars costume?
My dream now is to have a costume arsenal from clone trooper to stormtrooper. Just imagine a room like tony stark’s Iron Man instead they are troopers. Quite a dream huh!

What is it about being a member of the 501st Legion that means the most to you, personally?
Well, I would not join if it was not for the love of star wars and especially making people happy for a cause (charity). The sacrifice these people make (still a newbie) in exchange for charity is something to commend, not a simple job that has salary or anything, all for charity, these are the things that makes me want to do this for the rest of my life.